Fault Tolerance - Maximum Uptime for Critical Applications

sample imageHigh availability software and hardware solutions for superior uptime at lower costs.

  • Eliminate downtime due to software and hardware failures
  • Prevent data loss and corruption

Fault Tolerance (FT) provides continuous availability for applications in the event of server failures. By creating a live replication instance of the system wide network; if or when any part of the network fails the replicated system network takes control. Fault-tolerant computer networks are designed to be able to handle several possible failures, including hardware-related faults such as hard disk failures, input or output device failures, or other temporary or permanent failures.

Hi-Tech Solutions adapts to the ever evolving technology of fault tolerance to provide the best fit for your business. We have a number of customizable and fully manageable plans designed to help you protect your mission critical data and arrange your servers in the manner that best suits the type of security your business needs. How can you ensure you’re equipped to not only prevent a disaster, but also mitigate any downtime or lost data should an instance beyond your control occur? Contact us and we can help find out what best fits your technical and budgetary needs!

sample imageRAID (redundant array of independent disks) is a large part of the fault tolerance solution, depending on the customer’s needs RAID might be enough protection all by itself. A RAID array joins two or more hard disks so that they make a logical disk. There are different reasons why this is done.

Hi-Tech Solutions has the expertise to design the RAID best suited for business application.