Custom Product Catalog

Here is a small sample of custom computer products that we sell at Hi-Tech Solutions. You can purchase an ordinary computer, laptop or router at many different retailers. We sell products you can’t find at the large retail stores. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger product view.

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Quality Custom Built Computer, Servers and Disk Array

We work with you to help pick out the hardware and software that match your wants, needs, and budget. Whether you need a high end system for gaming, multimedia, or a server grade solution for your business. We save you money by designing your system to fit your needs.

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Asus RT-N16DD-WRT v24 B14896

This product is an ASUS RT-N16 that’s been flashed with dd-wrt v24 build 14896. Making it equivalent to routers costing in the $400 to $500 dollar range.

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dd-wrt v24 Repeater Bridge (Multi Router Setup)

This is a repeater bridge configuration is to extend an internet connection to both wired and wireless clients via a wireless bridge between two routers. This bridge is two of the Asus RT-N16DD-WRT v24 B14896.

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External Mass Storage Devices

The external storage being sold is designed to connect to wireless network to give the customer many options for data access and backup solutions.


DD-WRT Information

DD-WRT firmware lifts restrictions on a router by providing advanced capabilities that can inhance your Internet experience. Here's a list of a few specific DD-WRT benefits:

  • Stability of running a linux-based, non-proprietary firmware.
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) passthrough capabilities.
  • Advanced QoS (Quality of Service) controls for bandwidth allocation to your various Network connections.
  • Adjustable antenna power to increase your wireless spectrum.
  • Built-in DNS (Domain Name System) caching - speeds up your connection to an array of sites.
  • Configure the router as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your business or neighbors with a verification page using the integrated Chillispot.
  • Radius Authentication for additional wireless security.
  • Create unique SSIDs (service set identifiers) using multiple routers.