Technology Applications and Management Solutions

Practice Management Certified

Time Matters, Billing Matters, PC Law, Amicus Premium, Amicus Small Firm, Amicus Accounting, Time Slips, QuickBooks, TABS, Practice Master. Installation, Updates, SQL, Customization, Training, Tuning, etc


We offer quick response time, long-term solutions for your firm, reliability and professional services to meet all your IT needs.

IT Services

Server Management, Network Management (WAN, LAN, Web), Workstations, Tuning, Patching, Hardware and Software Upgrades, Traning. Onsite and Remote.

Office Applications

Microsoft (Word, Exel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, ect.), WordPerfect, Adobe, Nuance, Corel, Document Managment, Office Automation, VBA, Vbscript, Jscript, Custoization.

Cloud Management

Cloud practice management services, your own practice management server in the cloud.


sample imageFree and secure audits of your current IT and practice management environments; applications, hardware, software, security, disater recovery. On-site solutions, demonstrations, training and product customizations.

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